People Who Were Very Unlucky
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  • Leo


  • Greydawg Plays
    Greydawg Plays

    Jim last one I would kill myself

  • DesiRae Keenum
    DesiRae Keenum

    Yeah the Buffalo today and Oklahoma I can tell you that because I was sitting in traffic in Wauchula

  • iliana Adams
    iliana Adams

    That’s a bison 😌

  • ItsMilkshake Gaming
    ItsMilkshake Gaming

    to get rid of the ad you have to go back then click again

  • Mary abdulsamad
    Mary abdulsamad

    love 😘

  • Emma Hicks
    Emma Hicks

    Well I have three guys and they dumb as heck

    • Emma Hicks
      Emma Hicks

      I’m just kiddding this ain’t true about the dumb thing the threee dudes real

  • DeKu :P
    DeKu :P

    Somebody got a cactus hand;-; I saw my own self I saw a video in this video;-;

  • P1nkDrink

    lia the chicken chasing the kid was because its a rooster, The kid got too close to a hen or the rooster.

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    Imagine how many smiles lia put on peoples faces

  • Underground Cucumber
    Underground Cucumber

    Above all separated my family once we got back together

    • Underground Cucumber
      Underground Cucumber

      I meant to say a buffalo separated my family

  • Georgia Riddle
    Georgia Riddle

    Please be my friend I wish you were but I don’t know you in real life but hey friend

  • Julian Ruiz
    Julian Ruiz

    I once had a little bite pack but it was empty

  • Josiah Kushnerick
    Josiah Kushnerick

    I almost died laughing

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      🎶 I had a bad day.🎶

  • • Simp anime •☆
    • Simp anime •☆

    "Hello friends it's me!" Never gets old.

  • Jyoti Gadhavi
    Jyoti Gadhavi

    Aka when your mom says let your casin move to your room and then when u are not hone he roans your gaming setup relatable

  • Carla Guy
    Carla Guy

    The same thing happened to me with a cactus TnT

  • emma bryant
    emma bryant

    The zany popcorn surprisingly fit because study trivially watch round a obsolete jaguar. finicky, spicy burma

  • Kitty superstar Kitty
    Kitty superstar Kitty

    But he died

  • Kitty superstar Kitty
    Kitty superstar Kitty

    Win the chicken attack the kid that’s how my chicken attacked me

  • Jennifer Ecker
    Jennifer Ecker

    Omgc cool

  • Lexie DGrooms
    Lexie DGrooms

    My little sibling like your videos pure videos

  • Anti-Bot Society
    Anti-Bot Society

    1:48 Electronics in the water? It’s great! Everyone loves that

  • Arianna Strickland
    Arianna Strickland

    That is a bison lol

  • Ella Peake
    Ella Peake

    She threw it forward

  • Ella Peake
    Ella Peake


  • Spider Zyph
    Spider Zyph

    Nerd, I got a 582 hour skippable ad, while I was sleeping

  • Galaxy. That’s it.
    Galaxy. That’s it.

    🎶 I had a bad day.🎶

  • Wolfxy side
    Wolfxy side

    0:41~ that person gonna have antidiphobia for life...!

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima

    8:15 I knew that chickens were cannibal since like a really long time ago if a kid saw this that that thought chicken the food and chicken the animal were different they would have been like oh he's just enjoying some chicken it's not that bad but once they learn that chicken the food and chicken the animal are the same they're going to be traumatized

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima

    2:50 Oh this poor unfortunate soul

  • Meghan Kurtzman
    Meghan Kurtzman

    My chicken used to do that to me until I got a little shoveling and bang

  • Katie

    Me when the wax get sucks: frick it, im pulling it :) aint nothing gon hurt me!!!

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod

    get in the car we’re going for a ride...STRAIGHT TO THE ORPHANAGE 2:17

  • Devika Patridge
    Devika Patridge


  • Emily Alexa
    Emily Alexa

    Get some water

  • Hiba Nadama
    Hiba Nadama


  • Belle-Marie Harvey
    Belle-Marie Harvey

    One's my dad's key melted

    • mmpj twod
      mmpj twod

      at that three kids tiktok if my children do like that so i will flush them in 😂😂😂

  • Baddy Playz
    Baddy Playz

    4:07 was how the dark lord was created all hail lord Voldemort

  • lthomson79

    Me in the background of the trampoline once they have got a Rubiks cube solved and they should be smart

  • Bretv.

    Lia there is something white in your hair.

  • Peter Peterson
    Peter Peterson

    You wearing a safety pin as an earing? lol

  • Ben stone
    Ben stone

    My chicken is worse than that and it likes to drink blood

  • Roselyn Asiedu
    Roselyn Asiedu

    the tra0-635n was fa2e

  • Maci Heiman
    Maci Heiman

    Finally finally get to talk to you

  • Maci Heiman
    Maci Heiman


  • Avaani Kandola
    Avaani Kandola

    2:14 The kid flushes the phone down the toilet Watch closely

  • Allison Johnson
    Allison Johnson

    1:02 why is there a rebricks cube

  • Fʀ0ɢ1 _
    Fʀ0ɢ1 _

    1:07 The Rubik’s cube chillin be like: *bro tf?*

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A

    I'd say I am un lucky because I just wanted a twizler and it just made one of my baby tooth wiggly. 😔

  • JustAnotherGamer

    Does anyone else think Lia is soooooo pretty!?

  • vijay nagar
    vijay nagar

    at that three kids tiktok if my children do like that so i will flush them in 😂😂😂

  • Butterfly Pink Sparkle
    Butterfly Pink Sparkle

    lia: Bye Guy! me: *i not a guy*

  • Lilly Kowalska
    Lilly Kowalska

    I didn't notice this the first time I watched this but one of the children FLUSHED THE FRICKING PHONE DOWN THE TIOLET!!😲😯😯😲😯😯

  • Яна Първанова
    Яна Първанова


  • Romnogi Playle
    Romnogi Playle

    Tell me I’m not the only person noticing you are wearing safety pins as earrings ;N;

  • Donjhee Brillantes
    Donjhee Brillantes

    A wild buffalo appeared what I wamt to hear a wild tauros appeared

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze

    4:01 really forgot to blur

  • brittany Tiller
    brittany Tiller

    I don't know what sickness I have but I am sick so hope I don't die ❤️❤️❤️

  • macmuny

    The one with the chicken attacking a guy is relatable to me one time when I went to my friends house she had chickens and asked me to help collect the eggs from the chicken coop and when I opened it up 4 roosters came charging at me

  • •Wolfy Creates•
    •Wolfy Creates•

    Me seeing the title wrong Me: they don’t be looking lucky tho.

  • Sebas

    That's not a chicken its a rooster

  • Mary Vazquez
    Mary Vazquez

    Y u got a katana

  • Spoopy_ghost

    Chickens are Cannibals and Omnivores.

  • Tali Holvig
    Tali Holvig

    I live in colorado and there are a lot of cactus's and I picked one up and that happened lol

  • Zoey

    Once I was at the zoo and a peacock started running after me LIKE WHAT DID I DO TO YOU ✨ SHERLOCK ✨

  • Jessic Diaz
    Jessic Diaz

    Why even hold the piercing abov the sink

  • triggered Chick
    triggered Chick

    Wait I am chicken oh no 8:01 If you gone this far good ÒwÓ Ps: if you love chicken like... if you don't love chicken comment

  • jazzylemermaid87

    i guess lays stands for LAZY

  • Letitia Veux
    Letitia Veux


    • Letitia Veux
      Letitia Veux

      Sssniperwolf Dino Mackenzie kiss see play Roblox

  • Toxin Wolf
    Toxin Wolf

    get in the car we’re going for a ride...STRAIGHT TO THE ORPHANAGE 2:17

  • Charlotte Dillon
    Charlotte Dillon

    No the Buffalo blind

  • Heather Wilkinson-McNeal
    Heather Wilkinson-McNeal

    Hello friends it’s me your favorite messy hair youtuber -SSSniperwolf plz like if you can’t go a day without hereing that

  • Peppamint

    The chicken one is my brother, (I was 7 he was 5) so I was in my front porch(grand parents) and I was just chilling when suddenly my brother was screaming and laughing, he was running towards me and it was a chicken chasing him, it seemed to be a mom since it had chicks(babies ig) and my brother escaped cause it gave up since he was far away from them he went from laughing to crying and he told me that he touched its baby.

  • Freya Mca
    Freya Mca

    4:47 that is where it is

  • Freya Mca
    Freya Mca

    She has a sweeper there because that's probably where she put it normally. I'm not stupid

  • Vibeii Sage
    Vibeii Sage

    1:00 i Think it is edited

  • Jacqui Moses
    Jacqui Moses


  • Darren Lisak
    Darren Lisak

    Lia not Lia Lia’s a Queen

  • Miki jiang
    Miki jiang

    Laptop: UwU Me: *accidentally drops laptop* Laptop: OOF! 😵 Me: 0-0 Me again: AGGGHHHHHHHH! 😭😂😠😠😭😢😠😂🥺😢 My sister coming in my room: 0-0 WHAAAAA

    • Miki jiang
      Miki jiang

      To be continued... lol

  • Zahra Kilmartin
    Zahra Kilmartin

    I have actually been chased by a chicken multiple times

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa


  • Danny pjr
    Danny pjr

    Part 2 of the smoothie is funny as hell

  • Marilou Salas
    Marilou Salas

    In the philppines we can sweep water with coconut midrib brooms

  • mr. mint
    mr. mint

    The chicken one is no joke, those things have sharp claws.

  • pierd UwU
    pierd UwU

    2:13 if someone asks me why i hate kids, here's the answer

  • kids fun play time
    kids fun play time

    1:52 watch this,🤣🤣

  • Cassie Williams
    Cassie Williams

    My friend looks a bit like you. When our Minecraft treehouse got set on fire she blamed me

  • Aduckbitmyfinga

    Did anyone realise that the kid flushed a phone 2:15

  • Lilac Galaxy Fox
    Lilac Galaxy Fox

    Ok so I have chickens and this is a weird fact. Chickens eat everything they find. Even chicken- cooked

  • -Pastel Fox-
    -Pastel Fox-

    8:59 hands go bye bye

  • Michael Fleming
    Michael Fleming

    Has anyone every told u your beautiful

  • •Random Gacha Rat•
    •Random Gacha Rat•

    once i got a 30 minute unskippable ad

  • purple panda
    purple panda

    Mam did you you and peppa are gonna swim

  • Jaylan Wilson
    Jaylan Wilson

    Alright anyones else think this, the blinders one, "it was a Monday morning, i was tired."

  • Eugene Evo Tan
    Eugene Evo Tan


  • Xxlilyismyfox xX
    Xxlilyismyfox xX

    I remember me and my brother tried to say hi to the chicken and she’s like:Hey! Are you trying to steal?! Me and my brother:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


    The cactus.....AHHHHHH i feel ya! Its so painfullllll it got me good last time!

  • the imortal gem
    the imortal gem

    My mom got no chips from a bag of origanail lays

  • yeetes maximus
    yeetes maximus

    The first guy done deadly balloon in the air is the die

  • Audrey Buchannon
    Audrey Buchannon

    you are my favorite youtuber oh and i'm a kid