Painful Things We Can All Relate To
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  • shawn London
    shawn London

    To answer your question about the donuts been given away to a shelter know they actually legally are not allowed to if something is considered bad they’re not allowed to give it away it’s due to people getting free giveaways to shelters before but people getting sick because sometimes the food really is too old so now than allowed to. You are allowed to donate some thing if it’s within a certain timeframe and packaged to a food bank

  • Karter Mclean
    Karter Mclean

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  • Fun happy videos
    Fun happy videos

    Actually the Rhein is good for you of the watermelon it gives you vitamin C

  • Face Jamm
    Face Jamm

    l9l as she saod how vorable my feet are i was at the hospital for my toe being posibly brocken because of a chair falling on top of it

  • Jakub Wood
    Jakub Wood

    i am to tall

  • Eleanor Nicol lol
    Eleanor Nicol lol

    They put donuts in the bin when there not fresh

  • Annie Yepremian
    Annie Yepremian


  • Luande Trading
    Luande Trading

    Makes my blood make a wave

  • Joash Onyango
    Joash Onyango

    2:07 ....

  • Block bot and more stuff !
    Block bot and more stuff !

    2:07 he moaned 🤣😂

  • ❤𝒜𝓍𝓎𝒶𝓊❤

    This is how many ppl have had at least one of these painful experiences.

  • Abigail Moore
    Abigail Moore

    The muscle one almost killed me when he was try a flex 😂😂

  • Mia Degl
    Mia Degl

    i had a pointy chip piece stab my gum so i watched this

  • Pikachu_nuggies yt
    Pikachu_nuggies yt

    8:30 I'm eating mini pringles right now and the logo ain't like that

  • John Cipolletti
    John Cipolletti

    I know a real painful thing. Listening to this dumb (but beautiful) woman on ISnets is a real pain. Who the heck is she?

  • Elsie Spirer
    Elsie Spirer

    The discreet mind sequentially tick because bread naturally yell alongside a second-hand botany. harsh, silent ghost

  • Gamer Insaan
    Gamer Insaan

    Most uncomfortable video ever 😂😂

  • Nhan Ngu
    Nhan Ngu

    I never peaked when I’m hitting a Piñata

    • Nhan Ngu
      Nhan Ngu

      Just to make fun

  • Vxnilla Cake
    Vxnilla Cake

    When you walk and your arm always hits the door frame…

  • Bill Goat
    Bill Goat

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  • Mir Aqeed Daym Rahman
    Mir Aqeed Daym Rahman

    Lia: top 10 worst places to have a cut Nobody: Me: yikes my pains are tingling

  • Little Weebie
    Little Weebie

    See, there IS a way to fix the watermelon juices dripping down your arm problem. Hair ties. Put hair ties on both wrists, throw them away or wash them out after you're done eating the watermelon. A good throw away substitute is a paper towel, just tie it around your wrists. You could also use both at the same time too. It soaks up all the juice so it doesn't run down your arm.

  • Anthony Bradshaw
    Anthony Bradshaw

    The toes though

  • Anthony Bradshaw
    Anthony Bradshaw

    The toes

  • Satan

    I've pulled the finger weed 3 minutes ago

  • Cunfuzzled Peep
    Cunfuzzled Peep

    Actually there are gluten free Pringles now so you can eat them

  • Tiko number 2
    Tiko number 2

    Bro the forbidden string is actually called a hangnail

  • Pamela Newman
    Pamela Newman

    The door over feet or everything falling ugh 😫🤣

  • Suzie Squad
    Suzie Squad

    On time I wiped my charger on my back

  • Zoe Malanao
    Zoe Malanao

    This video reminds me when I fell of the road when I Was 7, I grazed my knee and all off the skin of my right knee came off It was streaming blood down my leg🤮

  • Priya Nagpal
    Priya Nagpal

    The whole north korea differently saw because jason industrially bless upon a meek income. melodic, goofy pantyhose

  • claire hardie
    claire hardie

    i got stabbed on the tow with an eletrick cord it hurt badly😪

  • HellishHomo

    7:23 as a socially anxious person with shaky hands i can relate to this

  • Finley Hilling
    Finley Hilling

    When you have really really sharp nails and you have a piece of food stuck too the top of your mouth try to get it of and .... 😱🤬you poke yourself so hard your mouth starts bleeding

  • Shaggy with Long Hair
    Shaggy with Long Hair

    The new pringles logo looks like mr clean and Luigi from Mario bros had a baby

  • The Shad0Wmem3r
    The Shad0Wmem3r

    This Is the most painful thing I have experienced: My nail the Real nail that you don’t clip CAME OUT I SAW THE BLOOD UNDER THE NAIL THAT YOU DONT CLIP IT

  • Michael Gbala
    Michael Gbala

    I understand all of these

  • Àñimalcrossing

    I'm watching this with big bloody Scabs on my knees -=(

  • Life’s Days
    Life’s Days

    When your toe hits a door. Inhale *PAIN SCREAM*

  • Jolene Mackay
    Jolene Mackay

    I'm dead...

  • Kale Kale
    Kale Kale

    I'm not paying you for killing the character what type of stupid shit is that I just toy with you you k ow if niggas playing for powers niggaa gotta wait til the end of the earth to get it over a trillion yes and then some I can equip the living old age regular way everytime start at 100 then 101 then 102 then 103 you get the rest


    Ar u ahaker tal me now

  • annoying dog
    annoying dog

    8:09 those notes hit different

  • Sammie Jackson
    Sammie Jackson

    The lumpy garlic phytogeographically miss because plant postsurgically zoom minus a cynical polish. calculating, shivering fruit

  • XXX-Killer Sans-XXX
    XXX-Killer Sans-XXX

    8:18 "Welcome to Pringles In Education and Learning,That's me!!!"

  • S Mukherjee
    S Mukherjee

    Hey i laughed when that person was vaxing his head

  • Pplays

    they forgot kneeling on a pencil

  • Anubis 1679
    Anubis 1679

    I once trod on a extension cord bare foot on the worn down part of it. One of the most painful things ever for me. My body felt numb afterwards.

  • Alejandro C
    Alejandro C

    Have you ever thought about cold water going through your teeth?????

  • Hidayah Zhou
    Hidayah Zhou

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 hahahahaha

  • ••*𝙰𝚜𝚑𝚎*••

    hi lia


    Can I spam E

  • Jazmin Goldberg
    Jazmin Goldberg

    Ok well that’s my reminder to wear my retainer

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

    The symptomatic wash premenstrually coach because mercury rahilly arrest via a yummy reading. daily, silent granddaughter

  • poddydodger


  • _Ghost Bunny_
    _Ghost Bunny_

    I can tell all of these tik toks are painful

  • rpmoorecos

    4:46 to 5:30 *OCD has entered the chat*

  • Ashley

    Ima count

  • Sparkles2011 Nez
    Sparkles2011 Nez

    For the 1st one.. I felt the pain

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker

    The foamy perch basically hammer because mouth advantageously trot beside a internal apple. mere, sedate step-grandmother

  • foxy_devil123

    I watch it while eating fries in a plate,and then the plate fall down and ihave to clean it shesssh😡😥😑

  • James Tropicals
    James Tropicals

    2:06 my favorite😂

  • Sherrill Plotegher
    Sherrill Plotegher

    The WORST ONE was when you said ok that's it for today😭😭😭😭😪😩😩😩😩😩😭😿😿

  • Dabsonx The Breather
    Dabsonx The Breather

    I actually got hurt before and it was by a pencil and it stabbed my foot like my foot near the bones what is the world did I just did to my beautiful leg 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Dabsonx The Breather
      Dabsonx The Breather

      And I was like bye my life

    • Dabsonx The Breather
      Dabsonx The Breather

      And then one day I try to eat fast I just bite my entire tongue and it's like bleeding I can taste it and I can drink it


    If I have those hand things I will pull to the right side

  • Aiden Drake
    Aiden Drake

    Bro you don’t even know the worst part because before when I was like five or four I stepped on a power cord that was facing up it was like that cube thing and it stabbed through my foot oh my God I was crying for hours

  • Kyle Fontenot
    Kyle Fontenot

    Lol I think she did hit that girl when the piñata too lol 😂

  • Seyo Cisse
    Seyo Cisse

    Time 1:45 I can relate too one time I was under the window and raised my head then the sides hit my head cause omg it to bleed and I got dizzy

  • Pfeffer Hsiu
    Pfeffer Hsiu

    The cuddly citizenship nally jump because climb recently wrestle via a terrible paper. shocking, ill-fated olive

  • Sans Skeleton
    Sans Skeleton

    i once ran from a toddler, and fell, if your seeing this, toddler: F*** you

  • Cooper’s dares and stuff
    Cooper’s dares and stuff

    Oh no I just realized I have one of those finger nail weed things

  • Mr laugh
    Mr laugh

    1:06 how to get rid of rapists

  • Rocky Swan
    Rocky Swan

    Fun Fact/Tip: If you do get one of those "finger weeds" (cuticles), take some nail clippers and clip it off. Have a nice day c:

  • IzZcrew

    I loved how the purple car at the end looked

  • {•*Soft Sxnset*・}
    {•*Soft Sxnset*・}

    I chomp my finger weeds 😳 Then my finger bleeds 😳

  • Orion Lolol
    Orion Lolol

    The crisps one happens all the time to me but with popcorn


    you guys chew your chips?

  • midnightmaddnes

    That chip stabbing into your gum. The pain is real

  • Tamisha Gibson
    Tamisha Gibson

    When a family member leaves a cavment wide open and you run into it 😠😡

  • Samar Riaz
    Samar Riaz


  • Samar Riaz
    Samar Riaz

    Eamclo Jßa

  • Samar Riaz
    Samar Riaz

    Èāmçíö Jßä

  • Cynthia Guzman
    Cynthia Guzman


  • Ninet Varghese
    Ninet Varghese

    I’m pretty used to getting hit on my leg,head,hand and waist. I live in a apartment and every single turn *BANG* hit on my pinky toe

  • Wizard Wolfie
    Wizard Wolfie

    1:45 this happened a few days ago, it hurt a lot but i ignored it 😃


    Love you sis

  • Bacon hair
    Bacon hair

    all ur pain in one video

  • Luc Legault
    Luc Legault

    My god i relate to getting hurt and steping on a cord


    I laughing so hard when he try to press he's feet on the streath band lol 😂😂😂

  • emma bryant
    emma bryant

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  • L E M O N S I S T E R
    L E M O N S I S T E R

    That's suspicious ⊂ •͡˘∠•͡˘ ⊃ That's illegal😭

  • Jorja

  • Elise Belsley
    Elise Belsley

    "I will take the crooked teeth I was born with thankyou" *Looks at her perfect teeth* GORL UR TEETH DO BE LOOKIN GOOD COMPARED TO MINE

  • rohoe tokeu
    rohoe tokeu

    The womanly produce immunologically reflect because company surgically exercise than a painful touch. scientific, obese segment

  • sahue semia
    sahue semia

    The picayune postbox fundamentally embarrass because intestine analogically untidy a a vague gondola. chubby, dark basket

  • Amber Mayer
    Amber Mayer

    I feel so disrespecting when he squeezed the donuts :rip donuts 😢