Proof Your Life Is A LIE
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  • Luna lovewolf
    Luna lovewolf

    Sssniperwolf did you know that it is impossible to touch your right palm to your right shoulder and your left palm to your left shoulder?

  • Haydi gaming
    Haydi gaming

    I eat a yellow waer melen to

  • JP 777
    JP 777

    So your telling me that you didn’t know how cashew nuts grow I thought you knew like me

  • MR3 gaming
    MR3 gaming

    Then Matt is a monster

  • Emily Gardner
    Emily Gardner

    Did you know that the flower and a cashew plant is poisonous

    • Emily Gardner
      Emily Gardner

      I wonder who had to figure that out

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    I was so happy when lia said “toebear”😜😙

  • Ema Debelic
    Ema Debelic

    My favorite is that your right hand cant toutch your right elbo.

  • Ilman Ashraf1205
    Ilman Ashraf1205


  • Lamar Abed
    Lamar Abed

    The nail file part I knew since I was 6

  • •Alex_TheUltamateSimp•アレックス

    If byakuya togami was an owl: 2:15

  • Louie Queenbarrows
    Louie Queenbarrows

    No more windows !

  • gacha_girl9046

    i have a theory! the cashew is born, then there's a that apple becomes anew as the stem is the cashew's gift.

  • David Masonwoods
    David Masonwoods

    Your saying I’ve been eating a plants NUTS!?

  • Adrianna Monique Fulo
    Adrianna Monique Fulo

    00:32 does this guy not look like that mukbang food guy?

  • forbiddengapple

    wtf is an obajeen lmao

  • asmr o'clock
    asmr o'clock

    Idk why but Whats the difference between a snowman and snow women I will be saying the asnwere in 2 days

  • Games With JKB Justin
    Games With JKB Justin

    Spongebobs parent resemble sea sponges where as spongebob is a kitchen sponge

  • Amaya Smith
    Amaya Smith

    I feel like watching this is illegal

  • Ella Lehman
    Ella Lehman

    Mean while me eating a large McDonalds fry

  • April Brooks
    April Brooks

    My mom: WHAT DO U LREAN FROM ROBLOX me: adopt me DONT SCAM PEOPLE Brookhaven DON'T DATE meepcity Live ur life piggy enjoy the game


    The nail file DOSENT work FYI

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    “ HeLlO fRiEnDs ItS mE” classic Ssniperworld

  • Peter Ian Mendoza
    Peter Ian Mendoza

    8:05 but how are they dried sponges if they're under water

  • Hermione Marvolo
    Hermione Marvolo

    The nail file thing depends, it doesn’t work on all nail files

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law

    Jesus loves you guys

  • CXL Voltate
    CXL Voltate

    bruh the grass bruh

  • Lil lit Fam
    Lil lit Fam

    You just called me dumb

  • Ciarra Russell
    Ciarra Russell

    The cashews the part that hang on the tree can eat

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash

    Dang I didn't know any of this

  • Ellis Hartley
    Ellis Hartley

    my intire garden is clovers

  • Ellis Hartley
    Ellis Hartley

    i think my dad has the greenest grass on the block

  • Ellis Hartley
    Ellis Hartley

    come on sniperwolf you allready know there was a bear in toubleroun you mad a video exposing that

  • Jessica Dyck
    Jessica Dyck

    Yellow watermelons ( they are actually called Yellow dolls) are so good I work at a fruit stand and we grow them we also grow orange watermelon

  • Brooklyn Stables
    Brooklyn Stables

    Wait if coffee is a drug and I'm a 2nd grader and my friends are 2nd graders they drink Starbucks 😳😳😳

  • jeyla dleokfoekomjogjroejgojeojgoejok
    jeyla dleokfoekomjogjroejgojeojgoejok

    does anyone know how to get robux?

  • Joseph Berger
    Joseph Berger


  • Zarmoni Brown
    Zarmoni Brown

    I love love your videos they are so so so wish I could see you but i live in America

  • kevin bowes
    kevin bowes

    And do you see the fishy

  • Izzy and Rabbit :)
    Izzy and Rabbit :)

    sssniperwolf you are my fav you tuber.

  • Nora L
    Nora L

    I saw the Arizona life thing on tic tok

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy

    SniperWolf: Why is it so large? Editor: That’s what she said😏

  • The Faceless Puppeteer
    The Faceless Puppeteer

    3:56 lol read what it says

  • Missy Bernal
    Missy Bernal

    Have u been to england

  • Un Known
    Un Known

    Prove your life is a lie me what oh my goodness I didn’t know my life is a lie😧

  • Un Known
    Un Known

    I love her videos so much❤️ she is so pretty and I hope she has a good day like everyone should

    • viiont eooiy
      viiont eooiy


  • Un Known
    Un Known

    Sniper wolf says hello friends it’s me I love how she says that video

  • Eijero Kirishima
    Eijero Kirishima

    Yellow watermelons are bussin


    Ummmmmmn I knew that yellow watermelon exits ever since I was 4(tbh I like fruits so I know almost a lot of fruits)

  • Everything ✨🥵
    Everything ✨🥵

    Me when i post comments: OMG LIKE YUHH AND 🥵🤠 Me irl: 😐

  • KIPO

    I swear we played COD Ghost way back in like 2012. My gt was patriot4liberty and always played with you and my other chick gamer wemurderyou. My kids watch your vids like every day and I swear they would die if it really was the sniperwolf I played with back in the day.

  • Animal Ruler
    Animal Ruler

    The eggplant one is not true, they are just smaller when they grow.

  • FallingAdventure

    toblerone bear i realized that 3 centuries ago

  • Jacob Davies
    Jacob Davies

    You can actual never touch anything because atoms don’t touch

  • jaime lorenz
    jaime lorenz

    Omg my life is a lie I am so mad wow I'm so offended wow just wow I can't believe it actually I never tried any of these before

  • su ppin offIcaI
    su ppin offIcaI


  • EST 1993
    EST 1993


  • ice froster
    ice froster

    "Hello friends it's me your French ISnetsr"

  • Annabelle Brown
    Annabelle Brown

    When she said you will never touch your right elbow with your right hand Me:I WILL TOUCH MY ELBOW

  • Julie Yaap
    Julie Yaap


  • ytblu devil
    ytblu devil

    Hmm so tobuscus was right 7:15

  • ajai ajimon
    ajai ajimon

    The person who did the pizza hack was Richard Watterson!

  • Amanda Racz
    Amanda Racz

    Sniper wolf my right hand Touch my right elbow

  • Infinity Em
    Infinity Em

    0:48 I honestly thought there was a tv behind them 😃

  • BigHunchoGrayyyy

    the v in van is a skate board ramp

  • NevaehGacha!

    About the division one.. My teacher taught me that 😅

  • Rohaif Omer
    Rohaif Omer

    hi sssniperworf you a the best you a so kind and funny i hop you have a good day

  • Michaei Esdelle
    Michaei Esdelle

    Who cuts pizza like that

  • xXgum_gachasXx

    Anybody notice that that Daddy Long Leg owl was chained to the table🥺🥺😨

  • Some Person
    Some Person

    She said foopah

  • Hannah Doherty
    Hannah Doherty

    If the fire hose went around that car there is a chance that it would be too short

  • Adamari Villarreal
    Adamari Villarreal

    . ---- .

  • Catalina martinez
    Catalina martinez

    I love pizza

  • Black cat21
    Black cat21

    Where do I find yellow watermelon :D Just me

  • Shin Godzilla
    Shin Godzilla


  • Tido Jodi
    Tido Jodi

    "Your right elbow will never touch ur right hand" welllllll so i thought but i can say i have i broke both the bones in my arm and it bent to my elbow. so i have.

  • Sarai Flores and her cus
    Sarai Flores and her cus

    Omg they sell yellow watermelon at Arizona my cousin ate one last time

  • Terra Bella
    Terra Bella

    ME TRYNA PERNOUNCE CASHEW cashaw c-ashenw claszhwe

  • Joey Eacobar
    Joey Eacobar

    . _ .

  • X-_Shadow_-X Gaming
    X-_Shadow_-X Gaming

    Actually Here in the phillipines They sell a lot of yellow water mellon i tasted my first one when i was like 5

  • Chloe Vasco
    Chloe Vasco

    CryingI do not like this crying face :-( crying face ouch emoji

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      Hello friends it’s me your favorite French ISnetsr…

  • Chloe Vasco
    Chloe Vasco

    Spoiler you can’t peel off the layer of a nail filer :-(

  • Baku Denks
    Baku Denks

    5:04 what are those things called again lol

  • Elektra Gaming GR
    Elektra Gaming GR

    Me looking at my turtles after wtching their scale: I aDoPt AlIeNs?

  • Dharam Lakhan
    Dharam Lakhan

    in trinidad thats how casho grow and we also eat the fruit it taste so good

  • ※ YourLocalAnimeWeeb ※
    ※ YourLocalAnimeWeeb ※

    Gurl everyone knew spongebobs parents were sponges 😭

  • rehan raza
    rehan raza

    Actually card board is wood ao😏😏

  • Kaitlin Farrell
    Kaitlin Farrell

    The fruit that cashews grow on are poisonous

  • Jeserizzitizzit

    Pls can I get verified I've been subbed for a long time

  • Luzcat

    When it said your left hand can’t toach your right hand I I just did it

  • Sue Neighbor
    Sue Neighbor

    SSSniperwolf you right our life is a lie btw you are my favourite youtuber.

  • Ophxlia

    3:56 LOL

  • Mrs. Kanga
    Mrs. Kanga

    I like when sniper wolf says coda at the owel

  • Jasmine Griffin
    Jasmine Griffin

    Wait see just said it was 119 degrees ... GURL I WAS COOKING WITH THE FAN ON ALL WINDOWS OPEN AND FREEZING WATER AT 31!! Britain vibes

  • Patti Secoolish
    Patti Secoolish

    The legs are the reason why God gave owl's feathers

  • Faze shade
    Faze shade

    Hello friends it’s me your favorite French ISnetsr…

  • Jocelyn Whyte
    Jocelyn Whyte

    So cool

  • gabriel ramirez
    gabriel ramirez

    all of them