Amazing Things That ONLY Exist In Japan
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  • Honey Bee roblox
    Honey Bee roblox

    Yk there prob just reading your messages

  • •lunarwaits▪

    Imagine you have a water bottle filled with clear coke😂 you teacher won't even notice😂😂

  • Luna lovewolf
    Luna lovewolf

    Well sniperwolf america does have one of these it's called Momo's cheesecake in Elsworth where you just put money in the box and the cheesecake is amazing and it only costs 5 dollars a slice! You can also get that cheesecake in Hermon but it's at a confidence store not the actual shop.

  • 《Tsuki'sBabyDino》

    Khaby lame be making a vid about the second vid 🤡 Edit: the titans thoo 😫🙌

  • Joey

    8:48 :- Is that a man or a woman??????

  • Ms. Giraffe craft
    Ms. Giraffe craft

    We have pancakes here too. I do not live in Japan

  • Midnight Howl
    Midnight Howl

    Hi right now I’m in Florida and I’m about to sleep 😐

  • Saab Singh
    Saab Singh

    Please see india

  • Courage Clan
    Courage Clan

    The first one is for the new chris pratt movie called tomorrow war

  • Winzleith Garcia
    Winzleith Garcia

    U want clear liquid to drink? We have this liquid called water

  • + Life
    + Life

    I am Japanese. This kind of thing is not popular.

  • GL Pd
    GL Pd

    the first part is from the movie The Tomorrow War and what's inside the truck is the female white spike... Also, it's an English movie, not Japan

  • Erik Sirmans
    Erik Sirmans

    I had to double take at 8:35

  • Farbod Kouchaki
    Farbod Kouchaki

    This is in iran too XD 5:54

  • Biotech Alliance International
    Biotech Alliance International

    Wait i seen that movie that alien is

  • Lamia Rose
    Lamia Rose

    Badtameez but the name

  • Valerie K
    Valerie K

    Honestly I’d be afraid the glass toilet would glitch 🤣

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    8:23 is no one gonna talk about the awkward placement and position of the people 😂😂

  • Your local village idiot
    Your local village idiot

    I hear they have WAY better Kit Kat’s too

  • Nora Sequeida
    Nora Sequeida

    Japanese have a toylet heter

  • Jami Binu
    Jami Binu

    Omg Ain't no place could never Japan is unique♥️

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      Ok that's it I'm moving to Japan 🤣

  • Johnny Fernandez
    Johnny Fernandez

    i love mini pancake


    Wham bam Sniper wolf uploaded a new video yes mam❤️

  • Ariana Brincat
    Ariana Brincat

    Luca and Alberto would've been if they had that bubble umberella

  • Erin Patrick
    Erin Patrick

    That was a Harry potter movie truck

  • Sofia Hipolito
    Sofia Hipolito

    Thank you for making my night better today i was very sad and you made me happy!

  • John Medna
    John Medna

    Buy American

  • John Medna
    John Medna

    Boycott Coke cola

  • sunday

    “It’s so long it just keeps getting longer and longer” woah there 😳🚶🏻‍♀️

  • メブ

    When people say bento *box* 0__o Bento is boxed lunch. Boxed lunch box is what people are essentially saying.

  • pollo loco
    pollo loco

    nani nani?

  • ꧁Psychic Panda꧂
    ꧁Psychic Panda꧂

    0:07 Who else watched the movie?

  • Storm The Poké-Fox
    Storm The Poké-Fox


  • Lando Plays
    Lando Plays

    Why do I keep getting recommended shit youtubers like this. Ima delete youtube and go camping

  • Aria CEC
    Aria CEC

    💩 (:

  • Sammy Ritz
    Sammy Ritz

    Ok that's it I'm moving to Japan 🤣

  • Cynthia Hayden
    Cynthia Hayden

    Why Japan gotta be so cool while everywhere else isn't? :(

  • Ollie Kelly
    Ollie Kelly

    It keeps getting longer and longer now eat it

  • kay

    Who watched Lia and never stops

  • Pinky Girl
    Pinky Girl

    Can we just talk about how pretty Lia is-

  • Kayla Pichardo
    Kayla Pichardo

    Giving free plane tickets to Japan, who what’s some?

  • Sxqnii

    im japanese and i feel so happy when you guys talk about loving japanese cultureee

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape

    Whoever is reading this I hope your charger works from every angle

  • Sahrai Garcia
    Sahrai Garcia

    they have clear coca cola and Reno

  • Zynx

    5:12 Minecraft rtx

  • Ariel Garcia
    Ariel Garcia

    I loved the bread shaped watermelon

  • Boba_Angxls gacha
    Boba_Angxls gacha

    I think Japan is rlly rich but there hiding it. But no need ;)

  • ꨄLennyrblx

    *guess we have now Jurassic park.*

  • Karl Suur
    Karl Suur

    white spike is from the movie Tomorrow war

  • Foxy Gamer
    Foxy Gamer

    Frick this sh*t im moving to Japan! ( Also love youre videos! )

  • Gäćhå J.J
    Gäćhå J.J

    Fun face! The poop emoji was originally a chocolate ice cream but someone said it looked moor like poop so that’s what they made it.

    • Gäćhå J.J
      Gäćhå J.J

      Fun fact nom 2! People now in Japan as a greeting so the girl was not bowing to the titan asking for it not to eat her she was greeting it!

  • Rappers Digest
    Rappers Digest


  • [•_Rachelle Lee_•]
    [•_Rachelle Lee_•]

    8:47 the only distraction is people going around you say it looks ridiculous

  • The four game changer
    The four game changer

    talking about america come to guyana or jamaica trinidad they will steal the entire store

  • Alexandria Steward
    Alexandria Steward

    They have spray butter

  • Kiddos Aquino
    Kiddos Aquino

    I can sleep standing up

  • Melissa Lynch
    Melissa Lynch

    this was on my b day!

  • Currbie

    Some of this stuff is like the weird side of Amazon

  • tamaki amajiki
    tamaki amajiki

    Mha characters are so lucky!

  • Mochi Cat Playz YT
    Mochi Cat Playz YT

    My hairs always gets in my ramen 🥲

  • Indu binu
    Indu binu

    Wallmart: um......................................... u see.....................................bye.

  • Deepak Laos
    Deepak Laos

    Will you marry me

  • the.og.yellow.teletubby


  • Oliwer Jakuszko
    Oliwer Jakuszko

    The square watermelon bread is called panetone in Brazil the black dots os chocolate

  • lynn howell
    lynn howell

    this is fkn dumb🙄

  • tripjet999

    ...except, they all exist elsewhere, too.

  • Nathan Borbas
    Nathan Borbas

    0:8 it’s a white spike from a movie that I watched but forgot the name 😂😅😱

  • KhalidPlaysgames

    Wouldn’t that make you lose your apatite

  • Mackenzie Jones
    Mackenzie Jones

    No coke without the artificial Color is green wired right

  • {☆♥️Itz Sheily♥️☆}
    {☆♥️Itz Sheily♥️☆}


  • Grace Hackett
    Grace Hackett

    Who else didnt know pudding was a dessert in america?

  • ♡țęďđý běāŕ,♡
    ♡țęďđý běāŕ,♡

    This is a whole new universe everyone prepare for take off to go there

  • Maybe Hina
    Maybe Hina

    Gotta love Japan!

  • MiniPixel

    i did not even no people control the robots

  • Special 3
    Special 3

    Japan is in a COMPLETELY different dimension

  • BookAchu57

    So many wham bams thank you ma'ams

  • •Ō_Dqvër_•

    I have NOT been on this channel for quite awhile

  • Jennifer Gaming
    Jennifer Gaming

    I see the second one before but I did,nt know that the thing was sanatised

  • uni hamta
    uni hamta

    Well the robot as a waiter is even in AFG

  • Gloria Bautista
    Gloria Bautista

    That first I see that in tiktok Hahahaha


    I know who looks exactly like you

  • ᒍᑌᔕT ᗯᗩᑎT ᕼOᖴ Iᑎ 5.0
    ᒍᑌᔕT ᗯᗩᑎT ᕼOᖴ Iᑎ 5.0

    Ok what happen if the hand washing thing that you put you phone in got water in it 🤔

  • Amanda__mc123

    4:08 i actually have this one i have like two of them rn its soo GOOD

  • Infinite Gamer236
    Infinite Gamer236

    0:05 that’s impressive bc I’ve seen the movie

  • Bushra Kassem
    Bushra Kassem

    Get in loser we're going to Japan ✌️😃

  • The Beanie Boos
    The Beanie Boos

    Actually in Wisconsin there is a store with no employee

  • Scarlett Hunt
    Scarlett Hunt

    Japan has more pancakes!

  • Gaming Galaxy
    Gaming Galaxy

    I wached the show it is a she and it is responsible for destroying humanity until there were 5000 people left on earth

  • The Frog Familiy
    The Frog Familiy

    The clear cola is soo good bc when ur mom says no cola but water u can just drink the cola that is clear

  • straq ☕️
    straq ☕️

    7:57 when u have a butter stick thing on hong kong china : *YES YES YES* *是的!!*

  • °ladybug°

    Snipy you have to bow in Japan😅🤚(not hate)

  • EST 1993
    EST 1993


  • Jessbess123

    When it's rainy and i have a umbrella my legs still get wet. But the fact that Japan has a full body umbrella is amazing. I need to move there!😩✨😌🤩

  • Jessbess123

    Other countries: We have a fridge in stores! Japan: we got a heated fridge for tea and coffee ☕🍵

  • Konica Verma
    Konica Verma

    In Japan they are so different things 😂😂

  • Paris Everiste
    Paris Everiste

    I love mini pancakes but my mum and my big sister likes normal pancakes that mum makes with the mixture she buys but they also like mini ones edit:I only like Nutella on them the mini pancakes no butter just Nutella and titans like Attack on titans because my bigsister watched that

  • Darkness⚫

    Me: Thinking She Said The F Word 😮😐... Also Me: Skipz Back Wondering If She Actually Said The F Word... Sssniperwolf: FUNKING Me: Oh 😂🤣

  • Madison Marko
    Madison Marko