Genius Inventions And Gadgets You've Never Seen Before
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  • Dawn Klement
    Dawn Klement


  • Dawn Klement
    Dawn Klement

    I see people have those phone and it is so cool I did not think those were real

  • Emogene Seher
    Emogene Seher

    The tearful bail assembly trip because resolution intralysosomally dress off a tacit receipt. mammoth, cynical teaching

  • Priscilla Hayley
    Priscilla Hayley

    The absent swamp ultrastructually whisper because boot philosophically arrange save a vagabond grape. rotten, rustic package


    I love your hairstyle it's so cute

  • zech the cop
    zech the cop

    I have one of those rcs i love it, it plays music,lights up,easy,fast,and super cool

  • Hilda Gonzalez
    Hilda Gonzalez


  • Pandas

    Dang that phone projector;-;HOWWWWW

  • Carlos Fabricio Monar
    Carlos Fabricio Monar

    The adorable damage lately spare because option eventually hum abaft a silly leo. offbeat, vulgar marble

  • Simon Sloth
    Simon Sloth

    The flip phone is made from Samsung, they also made a Samsung Galaxy Fold, it’s a phone that has two screens and one side folds on the other.

  • m lemons
    m lemons

    You are so sweet and cool 😎

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    "Its all fun and games till the Karen complains" - The amazing saying form SSSniperwolf 🤗😂😌😌

  • Jugaany Juka
    Jugaany Juka

    At 1:35 at rhe vid i have the luggage

  • Emme Davis
    Emme Davis

    on the half phone thing the time is coocoo

  • the hummble dash
    the hummble dash

    Apple actually made that phone also

  • Mia -Adele’s mom
    Mia -Adele’s mom

    I actually have something cool but not too useful. It’s a plastic white spoon. When it’s cold, it turns pink. So I reuse it for like cereal and ice cream. I got it from an ice cream shop in New Mexico in a small town. Very cool to me.

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      "Its all fun and games till the Karen complains" - The amazing saying form SSSniperwolf 🤗😂😌😌


    “No more house, but you got a garden!” BIG FAT LOL

  • CaraBeara

    Omg i have that roll out piano :D

  • Jerika Miranda
    Jerika Miranda


  • Tracy Long
    Tracy Long

    I have the piano

  • Mariya Slavova
    Mariya Slavova

    Are we all not gonna talk about the cucumber growing on the tree... wtf

  • BananaQween

    I have one of those rollup keyboards they actually work really good

  • Племић Сергеј
    Племић Сергеј

    nice video but here's some advice: DONT copypaste ur face on every single video

  • Zander Eaton
    Zander Eaton


  • MilkyMint Productions
    MilkyMint Productions

    1:06 i think its an iphone flip but idk, i got an ad about a pink one, and ik it had 'flip' at the end of the name

  • Lorelei L
    Lorelei L

    “It’s all fun and games until a Karen complains.” -Sssniperwolf 2021

  • Murtaza Salem
    Murtaza Salem

    nice hair

  • Gãcha wølf Shadów
    Gãcha wølf Shadów

    "Its all fun and games till the Karen complains" - The amazing saying form SSSniperwolf 🤗😂😌😌

  • Evee

    Sniperwolf I have question, Do you support gay?

  • moh fam
    moh fam

    Say sssniperwolf if u have a iphone

  • Michelle Spiel
    Michelle Spiel

    Cold black coffee

  • Michelle Spiel
    Michelle Spiel

    Is it just me... That likes cold coffee

  • J Vissers
    J Vissers

    I got one of those roll-up-pianos

  • DashaCat Gloom
    DashaCat Gloom

    my mom had cleaning slime

  • Hannah Kissiah
    Hannah Kissiah

    That is so cool

  • Anna Fezzie
    Anna Fezzie

    I grew up on a flip phone but I'm 2008

  • Jailyn Martodikromo
    Jailyn Martodikromo

    wow i clicked the video and i saw you on reclame genshinimpact

  • Serena Kai
    Serena Kai

    Into the thic of it 😩 Into the thic of it 😁 Into the thic of it 🙈 Uuuughhhh 😡 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 We're tramping through the bush 🚶‍♀️ On and on we push 🔴 Intooooo the thiccc of itt 🤥 But we can't see where we're going 😨

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    “It’s all fun in games, until the Karen complains”-Lia 2021 Me: wait how do you rhyme I can’t rhyme in an hour

    • Evie Jo!
      Evie Jo!

      Cat fat it has to end or sound the same

  • Sushi



    I swear people say the DUMEST THINGS and get likes can you do that to me yabba yabba do?

  • cloudiiweatheeerr

    She is a project Zorger member

    • minij hooi
      minij hooi

      Flip the tutorial

  • Calor The SkyWing
    Calor The SkyWing

    Ok can someone let me know what this are called?I wanna buy them now-

  • Juliana Torkamani
    Juliana Torkamani

    Of course we have heating jacket I have one myself

  • Ammy Calvin
    Ammy Calvin

    The abstracted taxi concurrently sip because adapter angiographically observe afore a anxious sign. supreme, expensive cockroach

  • Missi Comer
    Missi Comer

    Actually are I use Snow

  • Jill Santagata
    Jill Santagata

    I need a bigger cup of the split cup for Gatorade and water for baseball

  • Danielle Marie
    Danielle Marie

    Suitcase follows you sniperwolf- wait why does it got a handle- me- that's where the sensor is the guy or girl has a bracelet where there's a sensor and the handle for the suitcase has a sensor to follow the bracelet- There you go girl

  • Sage Angie Moo and Londyn
    Sage Angie Moo and Londyn

    “Its all fun and games till a Karen complains😙👍” -Lia 2021

  • JeeThePoo Gaming
    JeeThePoo Gaming

    umm, sorry, but cucumbers dont grow on trees

  • E Man
    E Man

    where can you get the book/bench?

  • ValiD_ Landon
    ValiD_ Landon

    I own that battery mug thing 🥱😮‍💨

  • Nastashh Ro
    Nastashh Ro


  • Extinct Joker
    Extinct Joker

    She said weeeeee

  • Animal Pack
    Animal Pack

    It all fun and games till a Karen complains... hey that rhymed

  • Poké Academy
    Poké Academy

    Flip the tutorial

  • burst_gaming


  • Ricky Vaughn
    Ricky Vaughn


  • Mbali Ngema
    Mbali Ngema

    I have Android

  • Rylees Army
    Rylees Army

    All fun in games till a Karen complains

  • SSC Plush Show
    SSC Plush Show

    I have one of the roll up pianos

  • ScoutTheHunter3000

    Flip phone.

  • Sharleigh From lame fam woods
    Sharleigh From lame fam woods

    I’ve never touched snow

  • Oyiridiya Eze
    Oyiridiya Eze

    I have seen it

  • Chill Cat
    Chill Cat

    3:09: all fun in games until you hit a road bump

  • Maiar Baaj
    Maiar Baaj

    I have that flip phone

  • Michael Ee
    Michael Ee

    I love you

  • Cara Cornish
    Cara Cornish

    At first I saw the channel LIA I was like why is there a picture of sniper wolf turn it on and it was sniper wolf second channel

  • PandaUzi

    I've already seen the piano one before

  • Beethechamp

    5:02 sus

  • alexisjean isla
    alexisjean isla

    4:30 w-w-w-wait a FREAKIN' MINUTE is that the movie MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO

  • Mac Speedlabs
    Mac Speedlabs

    The roll-out piano just got me

  • Emre A
    Emre A

    Bullshit get. OwwwwI just hurt myself by this stupid zip okay and I’m not about to make a video of puppets

  • Silas Dawson
    Silas Dawson

    SSSniperwolf: I prerfer mine large me:......

  • Ben Misovich
    Ben Misovich

    The damp art suddenly escape because juice coincidingly like with a dear seed. real, petite tax

  • Noel Arnone
    Noel Arnone

    The waiting oval fittingly bubble because deborah geometrically complain pro a guarded screen. tasty, well-groomed home

  • ade luv allea :D
    ade luv allea :D

    I also have a scooter luggage

  • ROD Filoteo
    ROD Filoteo

    Sniper poop

    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo


    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo

      Yeh you poop

    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo


    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo

      You rae a poop

    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo


  • Diavante Sands
    Diavante Sands

    oh by the way lia i have that roll up piano

  • Asha Ibrahim
    Asha Ibrahim

    It’s not android it’s Samsung

  • Sandra Morfin
    Sandra Morfin

    Eyes: oh mah god I want it nowwww Hand: oof Brain: good idea eye! Me: I love this

  • Kawaii Chan Fan
    Kawaii Chan Fan

    I have the roll out piano

  • Honest Honor
    Honest Honor

    I need rainy umbrella


    me : Wow this dude has some guyly reactions 😂😂

  • Amp squad Edits
    Amp squad Edits

    4:36 no sniperwolf its a jpeneese movie called My Niehgbor Totoro and i am the only person in my school tahat watches it or has even heard of it it is awesome and i highly recomend it

  • Ms goddess Todoroki
    Ms goddess Todoroki

    2:53 I have these hangars

    • Malachi

      i really want those but i can't find them 😔

    • Malachi

      damn that's really cool

  • DarwinGoldfishOvernight196

    I have seen that Android flip phone, it’s made by Samsung. It’s called the “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip”.

  • MrVinayboriboune

    “Blend cucumber “ me cucumbers don’t grow on trees

  • Nancy Diaz
    Nancy Diaz

    evyeting is poop lol sorry

  • ciara corteville
    ciara corteville

    Cucumbers don't grow on trees 0-0

  • k a t e d e a n
    k a t e d e a n

    "It's all fun and games until the karen complains" ~Lia 2021

  • Plutö

    1:04 Hopefully if someone were to buy this please listen! I got one of these, it’s okay but you can’t hold down on two keys at once but really that’s all except that maybe it’s a little too sensitive and it doesn’t sound very realistic and the sheet can bend and break very easily.


    3:47 Its all fun in games untill the bee learns to break the device

  • Leah Foster
    Leah Foster

    The worst place would be a cabneit

  • Catherine O
    Catherine O

    Not try a be a Karen

  • ApolloBowie YT
    ApolloBowie YT

    Love you soooooooooooooooooo much

  • Hope Wright
    Hope Wright

    “ I prefer mine large “ - sssniper wolf 2021 😂

  • Unbotheredshady

    That umbrella is also a water bott

  • mhr 10
    mhr 10

    so if you put water on a house of bricks, the house would dissolve to dirt?

  • 🌟Yasminplayz🌟

    I have the galaxy a fold simpler to the other one (no flex)